Harley Rouda | Orange County’s
Tax Cheating, Con-Artist Congressman

Harley Rouda promised to protect your tax dollars.

Not only was that a LIE, he didn't even pay his own taxes.

Harley’s Tax Con

“The fact is, taxes are too high in Orange County and California.” - Harley Rouda, 2020

Harley’s Record:

  • Co-sponsored new tax legislation that would cost the country nearly $19 trillion.
  • Supports raising payroll taxes for workers by nearly 20%.
  • Supports raising taxes on all workers.
  • Wanted to increase taxes on 401K retirement plans.
  • Refused to oppose raising property taxes on businesses by as much as $12 billion dollars per year.
  • Supported getting rid of tax breaks to balance the budget.
  • Rouda - and businesses linked to him - failed to pay their own taxes or liens on multiple occasions.
SOURCES: (H.R. 860, Introduced 1/30/19); (2018 Candidate Questionnaire, Progressive Democrats of America, 2018); (“Proposition 13 Property Tax Protections Focus of Ballot Challenge in 2020,” California Chamber of Commerce, 2020); (CA-48 Congressional Debate, 1/13/18); (Franklin County Clerk of Courts); (Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts)

Con-Artist Congressman Harley Rouda: Lied to Voters